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The Times Have Changed

posted Dec 10, 2010, 3:48 AM by Mpelembe   [ updated Dec 10, 2010, 3:49 AM ]

It is almost impossible to live without a computer these
days. Most colleges require them and a lot of high school
assignments require the use of a computer. Can you imagine
going through college these days without a computer and
printer in your room? It would be very difficult and you
would find yourself needing other people's laptops all the
time. They would be constantly annoyed and it would also be
a huge hassle for you. Although you need them, they can be
expensive if you buy them new. You do not have to do this
though. You can buy a refurbished computer or a used
computer for a fraction of the cost. It could save you a lot
of trouble in the end to have one and since they are
refurbished, they will be as good as new.

College assignments are basically all online. The professors
give you papers to write, readings to download off of their
websites, they send you emails and everything they do is
done electronically. There are libraries available for use
and it is possible to go to college without a laptop or
computer, but you will find yourself in the library all the
time or mooching off of other people. This could cause lots
of tension between you and your friends or you and your

Even for high school students, it is insane to not have a
computer. Teachers always assign internet assignments and if
you do not have a computer in your home, you do not have the
nice library services that a campus provides. They are
expensive, but they are worth the cost and if you save up
for them instead of having to pay a lump sum, you will not
even notice that you spent so much money. It does not matter
how much you earn, if you save up little bits, you will
eventually be able to buy one.  You do not have to get
anything fancy either. There are small laptops that cost in
the range of two hundred dollars and bigger ones in the
range of five hundred. Refurbished ones are even less than
that and are just as good as far a quality goes.

Let us face it; it is a hassle not to have a computer when
you are in school. Even if you are out of school it is hard
not to own one. If you own your own business or are very
high up in the company, you are going to email your clients
and business partners or do work online. If you travel a
lot, having high-tech equipment is pretty much a necessity.

It is hard to get through life these days without
electronics. Times have changed a lot and although the older
generations may insist that we can live without it, it really
is difficult. With school and our jobs, it is hard to get by.
It is even the way we communicate these days and you would be
out of the loop if you did not have a cell or a computer.

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