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Saving Money As A Student

posted Dec 10, 2010, 9:56 AM by Mpelembe

Being a college student can be hard when it comes to money.
There is so much you want to do, but spending money does not
seem to make a lot of sense. It is a very difficult time in
which you want to be irresponsible, but also are being
forces to grow up and face the realities of life. If you
live like an irresponsible teenage for your whole life you
will wind up in a bankruptcy attorney office when you are
older. You would probably prefer to be the bankruptcy lawyer
than to have to get help from him. This is an age-old battle
that people usually do not discuss. It is especially hard if
your parents have paid for things for the majority of your
teen life, cutting the cord will be a huge step. Everyone
has to grow up eventually but here is some advice for making
the financial part a little less painful.

It is understandable that working in college can get hard.
Luckily, there are a lot of odd jobs college students can do
to make money. Being a teacher's assistant is one thing that
will really help. You get paid and it looks good on a
resume, and your professors will appreciate it. It never
hurts to have good connections. Doing laundry for college
sports teams also is a great way to make money. You can do
homework while waiting for the laundry, and it can be done
at any random time you need it to be done.

Keep an eye out on the student board in the lounge or the
dining hall. A lot of people ask for tutors or advocate jobs
on these. So many people just pass them by without giving
them a second look, when it could hold a huge opportunity.
Tutoring is one of the best ways to make money as a student.
If you are good at a subject, share it with someone who needs
it. Tutoring is a great way to make money. Advocate yourself
even on bulletin boards. If you excel in a certain area post
letters about a willing math or English tutor, you will be
surprised with the money you can make.

You can also save money by limiting your social life
spending money. Yes going out and partying is fun, but
partying is no cheap. Limit yourself to one night out a week
or so, and try to get your friends to do other things. Movie
nights and handing out does not have to sounds as lame as it
really is. How can a stressed college student refuse a night
to relax and hang out with friends?

Also try to watch the amount of money you spend on food. Get
a dining plan and try to live by it. Going out to restaurants
and grabbing late night snacks from the store down the street
will really burn a hole in your pocket. Drop your soda habit
for water. A water bottle you can fill up is much cheaper
than buying drinks all the time.

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