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Essential Digital Resources for Students in K-12

posted Oct 25, 2010, 3:54 AM by Sam Mbale   [ updated Oct 25, 2010, 3:56 AM ]

A List of Must-Have Supplementary Online Educational Tools for Today’s Web-Savvy Student

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BANGALORE, India--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kids today are under more pressure than ever to perform well at school. Each year seems to bring more tests than the last – from quizzes, midterms and finals to standardized exams like the SAT. The difference of just a few points on a major test score might even dictate whether a student gets into his or her dream college or resorts to a safety school at the bottom of the list. With the new school year well underway, parents are undoubtedly thinking about how they can help give their kids that extra edge they need to perform their best this school year.

To give students the best possible array of options, experts agree that parents should encourage their kids to complement daily classroom work with good home studying habits and extracurricular help in a format with which they are most comfortable. With a strong penchant for the online world, today’s web-savvy, Millennial students have a different learning style than past generations, and tend to embrace all things digital.

In keeping with the preferences of this generation, here are some must-have, digital resources for students grades K-12:

  • An electronic student planner. If your child has difficulty tracking their grades, prioritizing their assignments or managing their study time, then consider this tool. This digital planner enables your child to hone his study skills and be better prepared for each day of school.
  • Online tutoring. Online tutoring provides students with an interactive learning experience to help make learning more accessible and effective than conventional face-to-face tutoring. TutorVista offers unlimited tutoring, homework help and exam review services for a low monthly fee. Students can also access an enormous amount of educational content—lessons, worksheets, animations and full-length practice tests—all for free.
  • ePortfolios. It’s no secret that today’s students have to do everything possible to stand out from their peers. ePortfolios are quickly becoming prominent additions to the standard application. This digital medium encapsulates student work products, performances, memorable activities and the lessons learned all in one central location.

Remember, in today’s hypercompetitive learning environment, it’s more important than ever for students to have access to tools that can give them that additional academic advantage to be successful in school.