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Eleven-Year-Old Boy Gains Place At Hebron University

posted Jun 4, 2013, 4:46 AM by Mpelembe   [ updated Jun 4, 2013, 4:47 AM ]

Eleven-year-old who has been dubbed a 'genius' will start a mathematics degree at Hebron university in the autumn. Yahya Abu Juwaid will be the youngest Palestinian at the university.

DURAWEST BANK (JUNE 2, 2013) (REUTERS) -  At just eleven-years-old, Yahya Abu Jwaid, is about to find himself studying with students a decade older, as he becomes the youngest scholar to enter Hebron University.

Yahya has been offered a scholarship at the university for his ability in mathematics, for which he has been dubbed a 'genius'.

At the age of eight, Yahya's mother Basma Omar discovered his enjoyment of mathematics.

"Yahya has been excellent at Maths since he was young. I knew that he was unique ever since he was small, he was not like other students. Since March, he started to invent rules (equations) and new things that he does not know, some are real rules (equations) and others he invented," mathematics teacher, Basma Omartold Reuters Television.

"I knew he was a genius when one day I asked a bright student to bring me a chart for calculations and he was able to provide me with the equation that could give me infinite charts," Omar added.

Yahya will stay at school during the day for the time being, and study in the evening at university. His mother said that it is important for his social development to spend time with children his own age.

Once she realised his capabilities his mother was determined that Yahya should study at university.

Since March, Yahya has been taking IQ and mathematics exams set by university professors. One of his professor's, Nabil Jundi said he was stunned by his talent.

"We will start with him at university in September. We will teach him calculus, which is the basis of mathematics in university and we will evaluate him according to his performance, but we hope that he can do it."

Jundi said he expects Yahya to become one of the most important Palestinian mathematics scholars.

Yahya has just finished his sixth grade at Al-Majd primary public school in the West Bank town of Dura, but will continue his school grades alongside with his university studies.

"Yahya is one of the unique students, he is very capable of gathering information and remembering numbers. He was unique in the IQ test that made him a unique student," Tareq Amr, Head of Mathematics Department at Hebron University, told Reuters Television.

Studying alongside students over twice his age, Yahya manages to hold his ground. He says university doesn't make him nervous, but it is different from his primary school.

"I am happy to be a university student. When I was at school, my friends were same age as I am. Today my colleagues are 20 years older than I am," Yahya said.

By the age of eighteen, Yahya, the only brother for five girls, will earn his high school certificate alongside a Bachelor degree in Mathematics.